In 1994, Green & Natural Group was formed to promote use of natural oils for many food and industrial applications. We were then and still are, passionate about utilization of renewable resources especially in downstream value added forms.

One of the applications which was particular excitement to us was the use of vegetable oils for feeding animals. Initially we thought of the vegetable oils as a feed source – for animal growth and production. However, as we travelled to meet buyers and especially farmers and technical experts, we began to realize we were not just providing the oils as an energy source but as an important contribution to prevention of animal health issues. Animal health issues that can be resolved using vegetable based products, including natural oils, herbal oils and downstream natural oils are mastitis, acidosis, lower than potential milk production, low insemination rates, unhealthy intestines and high mortality in newborn.

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animal feeds

This focus on animal health and therefore profitability to farmers is our current and future focus for production and for research and development, and we are in process of cooperation with companies with long experience in these areas and with animal health technical experts. With this focus, we hope to contribute in a major way to the animal health in a way that will enhance the way we live and eat.

Another important application of renewable resource is waxes. We produce renewable waxes that add value by augmenting supply of petroleum based waxes which is a finite source. There are also some unique properties for renewable vegetable waxes which complement petroleum waxes in some applications. We have many years of combined application and technical experience in petroleum based, synthetic waxes and renewable vegetable waxes. This combination of knowledge in both fields is what makes us different from the rest. We are versatile in blending and compounding waxes to specific applications in candles, polymer processing, rubber compounding, and other industrial applications.



The next significant environmentally friendly product we produce is instant soluble fertilizers. These special fertilizers are used in horticulture, in greenhouses, for hydrophonics and even for aquafeed.

The thread that binds our story is our contribution to a more natural, better and healthier world.

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