Animal Health

One of the greatest challenges for the farmers today, is to make sure their animals are healthy and reach maximum production yield. The way to achieve, this is to make sure that the animals have taken sufficient amount of energy, especially during the early lactation and stage of growing period which are the most challenging period to the animal to maintain a positive energy balance. Energy intake is crucial in optimizing and maintaining the animal's metabolism and can be controlled by increasing the energy density of the diet. This optimized energy intake can be achieved by introducing our vegetable fat into the feed diet.

Green & Natural's animal fat supplement is highly digestible in the intestine. It is produced by refining and fractionating high quality palm oil. In our efforts to achieve optimized energy intake for the animal, we made an important innovative step forward. Refined palm oil is split up into its various fatty acids by physical means. With or without hardening, our fat powders are without Tran's fatty acids, yet contain a rich concentration of palm fatty acid.

animal health

Green & Natural's animal fat supplement not only helps animals to satisfy their energy needs, but also:

Maintain body condition & improve reproductive performance.
Improve digestion & absorption rate, hence, provide higher net energy
Increase milk production & butterfat content (for ruminants & pigs)
Increase eggs production & quality with better yolk colour index

Crude Fat 99% min
Iodine Value 21% max
Color Off-White
Melting Point 58 - 60°C
Saturated Fat C-16 75% min

MooFAT™ is our fat powder for ruminants (Rumen protected / Rumen bypass). Having studied the various unique requirements of dairy cow, we have formulated the MooFAT™ as an energy packed supplement to improve production and quality of milk, energizing fertility as well as to reduce incidences of ketosis.
For feedlot, MooFAT™ product will result in optimum growth and improved marbling of the meat.

Effect on milk with MooFAT™ vs without by-pass fat.

Crude Fat 99% min
Iodine Value 23% max
Color Off-Yellow
Melting Point 54 - 60°C
Saturated Fat C-16 70% min
Digestible Energy (kcal/kg) 8600

NatuFAT™ is our fat powder for pigs, swine, pets and other monogastric animals. NatuFAT™ was designed specifically for monogastric inclusive growing pig, swine feed, other animals such as pet food which require balanced blend of fatty acids. It contains beneficial lecithin phospholipids which improves the digestion substantially.

Gro Plus
Crude Fat 99% min
Iodine Value 21% max
Color Yellow / Orange
Saturated Fat C-16 70% min
Digestible Energy (kcal/kg) 9000

Gro Plus™ is our fat powder for poultry. Specially designed for poultry with "Emulsified & equilibrium fat powders", which is rich in lecithin, and balance of essential fat to improve immunity and feed conversion ratio (FCR) significanty. Lecithin also help to improve the absorption of Vitamin A, D and E, in turn the poultry can produce egg with higher Vitamin E content. 

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