Green & Natural produces concentrated sources of plant nutrients essential for your plants optimum growth.

Plants need to be fertilized because most soil does not provide the essential nutrients required after a period of time. Different plants need different fertilizing plans to help them grow strong, healthy, and fruitful. Here's our range of products to help fertilizing your crops.


MKP Mono Potassium Phosphate 0-52-34 Crystal

Here, we are pleased to introduce you PK water soluble fertilizer, called Mono Potassium Phosphate, this product is containing P2O5 of 52% min & 34% min of K2O. Our PK fertilizer is the best choice for using in green housing for fertigation and hydroponics. It is an ideal fertilizer for high value crops such as flowers, fruits and vegetable. Beside of fertigation, it also can be used by foliar spray, spray direct to the leaf. In addition, it also can be used as raw material for bulk blending of NPK.

MKP Mono Potassium Phosphate
Parameters Specification
Assay, % 98 min
Nitrogen N, % 0
Phosphate P2O5, % 51 min
Potash K2O, % 34min
Moisture, % 0.3-0.5
Water Insolubles, % 0.3 max

Other Products

  • GLA - KNO3 (Potassium Nitrate 13-0-46)

    Parameters Specification
    Purity Ca(NO3)2.4.H20, % 99 min
    Insolubles in Water 0
    Sulphate, % 0.01 max
    Chloride, % 0.03 max
    Calcium Ca, % 16.78 min
    Calcium Oxide CaO, % 23.5 min
    Nitrogen N"C NO3, % 11.74min
    Nitrogen N"CNH4, % 0
  • GLA - GLA - CN (Calcium Nitrate)

    Parameters Specification
    Purity, % 99 min
    Nitrogen, as NO3, % 13.5 min
    Potassium K2O, as K, % 46 min
    Chloride, as NaCl, % 0.03 max
    Moisture, % 0.1 max
    Water Insolubles, % 0.01 max
  • Instant Water Soluble Fertilizer with Chelated Trace elements

    This is a range of highly soluble follar foods which can be combined with most common pesticides. This range with its different N, P and K contents is designed to support the different stages of demands for elements throughout the various growth stages. At the same time, achievement of high quality levels in the crops is ensured. GLA Follar is formulated based on low biuret urea, is free of sulphate or chloride, and is carefully dosed with microelements. It is rapidly absorbed by the leaf and root systems via fertigation, drip irrigation or application.

    water soluble fertilizer

    GLA – Blue (1)

    10-20-30 + TE To prevent flowers from dropping and enhance fruit setting.

    GLA – Blue (2)

    18-33-18 + TE Usage: To induce more intensive flowering.

    GLA – Blue (3)

    10-50-10 Usage: To induce more intensive flowering.

    GLA – Red (1)

    13-27-27+TE Usage: To prevent flowers from dropping and enhance fruit setting.

    GLA – Red (2)

    10-30-30+TE Usage: To prevent flowers from dropping and enchance fruit setting.

    GLA – Red (3)

    20-10-30 Usage: Promotes healthy rooting, and enhance fruit setting.

    GLA – Purple

    15-5-40 + TE Usage: To maximize yields, especially boost yield of rice and fruits.

    GLA - Yellow

    22-22-20-1 + TE Usage: Use in the initial stage for all crops, to promote healthy rooting, including greening and flowering.

    GLA – Green

    21-21-21 + TE For enhancement of vegetative growth.

    GLA – Orange (1)

    30-10-10 +TE Usage: Promote strong rooting and enhance greening.

    GLA – Orange (2)

    30-10-20 + TE Usage: Promote healthy rooting and enchance greening.

  • GLA (Organic Compound Fertilizer)

    Fertilizer that is derived from organic sources which is "earth friendly” and play a critical role in protecting soil structures which in large areas have been damaged by excessive use of certain fertilizers.


    • Improves soil condition
    • Retains moisture
    • Neutralize soil
    • Improves soil aeration
    • Promotes micro-activities by microbes.


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