GN believes in integrated strategies and providing solidly backed research based and field tested solutions to help your animals be healthier and perform better under stress of high production and high growth.

Active Pathogen Control & Treatment

Gram positive & gram negative bacteria, lipid envelope virus, clostridium perfringens, Streptococcus, e-coli

GN solutions provide active antibiotic free active ingredients for anti-lipid enveloped viruses and anti-gram -ve and anti -gram +ve bacteria. These active ingredients directly combats pathogens with 2 major benefits – they enable animals to fight more successfully with infections and minimize unnecessary activation of adaptive immune system.

Lower Auto-Immune /

Over-reacting Inflammation

Reduce proinflammatory, anti inflammatory, quorum sensing, antimicrobial, activating immune

The immune function of animals is incredibly effective inspite of many challenges. However, activated immune diverts energy that should go to production and growth. Moreover, after some infections, the immune system might not shut off leading to unhelpful auto-immune problems and pro-inflammatory responses including cytokine storms wasting valuable energy.

GN provides solutions to generate optimal inflammatory response and healing anti-inflammatory response.

Gut Health

Intestinal villi gut health, microbiome lengthen villi, increase mucosal layer

It can’t be over-emphasied that healthy intestines is key to healthy and high performance animals. Healthy intestines guarantee high absorption, minimizes chance of constantly activating the immune system besides lengthening the life of producing animals. Unhealthy intestines have under-developed villi, lowering the surface area for absorption severely, and worse, the presence of leaky (gap) surfaces. Amino acids and mineral leak through these gaps and activate unstoppable auto-immune responses.

Digestion & Absorption Enhancers

Emulsifier lecithin powder, deoiled lecithin, lysolecithin esp poultry & aqua; better absorption

Each animal consumes great amounts of feed in order to generate high growth and high production. However, this can over-tax the animal’s digestive capabilities wasting unabsorbed feed.

GN solutions are to provide digestive aids such as lecithin powder and other solutions to increase absorption effectiveness.