Antibiotic free supplements for top performing healthy poultry.


E coli & Salmonella

For exporters, it is important to keep meat safe for human consumption and approve for exports.

Avian Influenza (AI) Virus is airborne lipid enveloped coronavirus. Prevention possible via SCFA, MCFA, monolaurin

Avian Influenza

The biggest impact of Avian Influenza is not limited to danger on transmission to human! Countries affected by Avian Influenza are banned from exporting.

High stocking density broilers farm leads to low FCR, wet droppings, SCFA, MCFA, butyrin, butyrates, glycerides

Antibiotic Free Growth Promoters

In high density stocking, there are many health challenges to Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). GN gut management solutions comprises BioX ™ activated lipids and glycerides, designed to reduce your cost by lowering FCR.


Coccidiosis is a protozoal (Eimeria) disease causing diarrhea, ,weight loss, decreased production and higher mortality rates in poultry. GN provides a natural antibiotic free solution to reduce oocyst count.


Leaky gut-inflammation diverts energy to immune & away from FCR & performance, butyrin, tributyrin, sodium/calcium butyrate

Poor Gut Integrity/ Morphology

Lack of feed quality and presence of pathogens in the gut will damage intestinal wall and villi. Villi will tend to shorten and there will be leaky gut shunting energy to immune system instead of to growth. Solutions comprise of glycerides.

Fat digestion into micelles, for poultry and aqua; Fats & oils changed to water soluble by lecithin powder, lysolecithin

Inefficient Absorption of Fats

Poultry (especially chicks) have limited capability to absorb high fat diets. Fats are high energy sources, soluble only in oil. The fact is gut mucosal wall is water soluble. In order to increase the absorption of fats, bile, enzymes and digestive enhancers are needed to form water soluble micelles containing fats. By adding emulsifiers such as lecithin powder leads to better absorption of fats and utilisation of fat soluble vitamins and nutrients.