Antibiotic free supplements and bypass fats for top milk production.


Mastitis (Cow Udder Infection) antibiotics resistance prevalent, need bypass SCFA, MCFA, glyceride reduce somatic cell count


The economic losses from mastitis is not just “bad” milk, but the affected cows need time to recover. Thus the farmer “loses” crucial milk production capacity. The solution we have is to provide a bypass solution that releases active anti-pathogen agents in the udder thereby reducing somatic cell counts and decrease number of severely affected cows.


Cow fertility is a challenge, can be improved with bypass Omega 3 essential fatty acids


One major reason for culling dairy cows prematurely is repeated insemination failure. Our solution is to provide bypass essential fatty acids that controls fertility hormones.

Milk-yield and milk fat is improved by a balance of bypass and protected fat, palmitic acid and oleic acid

High Milk Production

The long time belief is that bypass fats, Palmitic Acid alone is the key driver for milk and milk fat production. However, recent discoveries are that other types of fatty acids will provide optimal milk production. Our solutions are fitted to different needs – transition cows, peak production cows and for milk volume and milk fat balance.