Feed Additives Solutions
without Antibiotics
GN Good Nutrition develops and produces antibiotics free additives and animal nutrition supplements for animal health and performance.


Antibiotic free supplements for top performing healthy poultry.


Antibiotic free supplements for top performing healthy herds.


Antibiotic free supplements and bypass fats for top milk production.

GN Good Nutrition

believes in environment protection and sustainable Feed Additive using the power of glycerides, BioX ™ activated lipids, digestion enhancers and phytogenics to replace AGP. These create better gut health, boost immunity, provide effective energy, increase fertility, complement vaccines, fight viruses and bacteria. Our manufacturing plant produces innovative products for poultry, swine and dairy cow.


High stocking density broilers farm leads to low FCR, wet droppings, SCFA, MCFA, butyrin, butyrates, glycerides

Antibiotic Free Growth Promoters

In high density stocking, there are many health challenges to Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). Our gut management solutions comprises fatty acid and glycerides to reduce your cost.

African Swine Fever (ASF) Virus, prevention & early treatment is possible, SCFA, MCFA, MCT, glycerides, monolaurin

African Swine Fever (ASF)

African Swine Fever Virus is 200nm in diameter and is dreaded by all farmers. To combat this, requires of many factors for which GN has successful and long experience. Please contact our technical sales for support.

Mastitis (Cow Udder Infection) antibiotics resistance prevalent, need bypass SCFA, MCFA, glyceride reduce somatic cell count


The economic losses from mastitis is not just “bad” milk but that cows that are affected need time to recover and so the farmer “loses” crucial milk production capacity. The solution we have is to provide a bypass solution that releases active anti-pathogen agents in the udder thereby reducing somatic cell counts and decrease number of severely affected cows.

Launching Soon

BioX™ Protect


Antibacterial (Gram Positive Bacteria)


BioX™ IBGuard

Anti-Infectious Bronchitis (IB) Virus

Reduce Secondary Infections

Relieve Respiratory Difficulties

BioX™ CocciGuard

Oocysts Reduction

Improve Lesion Score

Better Weight Gain


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