Optimizing natural solutions in a scientific way to achieve high performance and high growth livestock.

Why GN?

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We want to bring the best farmer experience by manufacturing cost-saving innovative replacers of antibiotics and supplements for livestock (performance and treatment) and to make great products to solve livestock health challenges.

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GN Good Nutrition believes in protection of the environment and sustainable feed additive solutions using the power of glycerides, activated lipids (BioX ™ technology), digestive enhancers and phytogenic components to assist in reduction of antibiotics and promote animal performance.

Our innovative feed additive blends and technologies provide improvements to gut health, enhanced immunity, effective energy utilization, and increases in reproductive performance. They can be complementary to vaccination programs and aid in combatting various bacterial, protozoan and viral challenges.

GN Good Nutrition feed additives are developed for application to poultry, swine, dairy, and aqua feeding programs.

What We Do

Passionate in Research

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We believe in nature’s powerful solutions to antibiotic free animal management. GN innovative research activities in Holland, China and Malaysia with the brightest minds develop practical solutions and provide cost competitive supply chain solutions to really enhance customer’s return on investment.

We commit to quality so that our solutions work in the field. We maintain international standards in GMP and FAMI-QS for product safety and traceability from reliable and consistent raw material supply, through processing in our plant, via the supply chain until we deliver to you.

We are committed to provide animal feed products and specialty feed ingredients that comply with customer and regulatory requirements through implementation of GMP+B2 and FAMI-QS Feed Safety Management System. We identify, analyze and control potential feed safety hazards to ensure safe feed ingredient and specialty feed ingredients produce to you. We continuously improve and review our Feed Safety Management System at all levels and all times to ensure suitability and effectiveness.

Commitment to Quality

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Holding on to Great Values

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GN believes in building long term partnerships, passionately build current and future solutions, perform what we commit to do, and build a sustainable future for the next generation.

GN believes in optimising people’s potential by challenging, training and empowering. We foster an environment of mutual trust and respect.

Believing in People

Our customers are in poultry, swine, ruminant, aquaculture and pet segments in more than 32 countries in 4 continents believe in us.

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