GN contributes to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the following.

GN is a member of Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and is an RSPO manufacturer. We support RSPO goals to ensure livelihood of small planter and protection from land grab from powerful institutions.

Feeding the world through innovative natural,  sustainable and safe solutions and reducing use of antibiotics in animal health and performance.

As members of RSPO, we are also committed to support opening of lands for planting in such a way to interrupt to local fauna and flora only in a responsible and orderly manner.

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Social Commitment

GN actively engages local communities and migrant workers by providing employment, a healthy and comfortable living homes. GN has engaged in activities in supporting orphanages monetary needs and in engaging the affected children, support for earthquake victims in Chendu, sponsored WWF, supported handicapped climbers to Mount Kinabalu and so on.