Lysolecithin creates smaller fat droplets for better nutrient absorption

What is an emulsifier?

Let’s talk about emulsifiers. So, what is an emulsifier? An emulsifier helps to mix lipids, oils and fats into the water based environment of intestines of the livestock, poultry or fish and shrimps.

How do we know one emulsifier is better than another?
The smaller the fat droplet in the water emulsion, the more easily it is absorbed.

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How does lysolecithin improve the animal feed?

We can’t emphasize enough how important lysolecithin is to create better animal feed.

Since feed formulations adds between 3 – 8% oils and on top of that, fats and grains also contains oils and fats, it is an enormous amount of fats to digest using only internal emulsifiers. Without help of external emulsifiers, a big amount of fats will not be digested nor absorbed. It is important include an emulsifier that will maximise the main function – the digestibility and absorption of lipids.

But what emulsifier to include?

In the case of emulsification power, GN Good Nutrition lysolecithin is far superior to lecithin to digest lipids (fats and oils) and superior nutrient absorption.

Emulsification of lecithin vs emulsification lysolecithins in livestock and aqua

What happens when lecithin is hydrolysed?

Previously, we’ve seen how lysolecithin is produced – through the process of hydrolysis of lecithin. This is a vital step as lysolecithin becomes a more effective emulsifier compared to lecithin for lipids, oils and fats for better absorption in the animal gut.

Why does lysolecithin emulsify fats better?

Lysolecithin is able to make the fat mix with water in the intestines into smaller globules compared to lecithin. The smaller globules present more surface area for enzymes like lipase to digest the fat.

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What is lysolecithin?

At GN Good Nutrition, we constantly strive to add value to feedmills and farmers. One such product we produce is lysolecithin powder. Lysolecithin powder is an important solution to manage price inflation of fats and lecithin.

So what is lysolecithin?

Lysolecithin are produced from raw material of lecithin. Lecithin is hydrolysed to remove one fatty acid to produce Lysolecithin. This is an enzymatic process.